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The 'Swiss Orpheus' - Ludwig Sennfl


This book tells the story of the composer Ludwig Sennfl. Born in Switzerland at the end of the fifteenth century, he spent the first part of his working life travelling around with the extravagant court of Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor, and the major part as court composer to Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria, in Munich. Sennfl lived at a time when social, political and religious values were constantly being challenged, and we gain insights into his life and times, together with an overview of the considerable amount of relatively little-known but excellent music he produced. To complete the picture, the book includes new editions of 20 secular songs, 4 Latin odes, 3 German religious songs, 4 large motets, examples of mass propers and vespers, and a magnificat.


The book was launched at the Greenwich Early Music Festival (14th – 16th November 2008) and was on sale there, price 25. It can also be obtained via the author on 01522 527530 or by contacting kberg@senfl.co.uk